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The construction and building maintenance industry is a capital-intensive industry. The volatile change in the market place during the long property life cycle is one of major factors determining the win or loss of the property. Thus, speed to adapt to the market changes has been recognized as a critical success factor. In the mean time, owners are demanding high quality of property that meet their individual needs. The diversity of owners’ requirements, coupled with precision and accuracy required to deliver them, often become difficult to manage with existing construction practices.


Recognizing this challenge and in view of consistent productivity and quality improvements in industry during the last two decades, Wong Pun & Partners Ltd. takes a non-conventional approach to tackle the above problem by forming a cross functional team with all professionals and top computer software.


Managing Director

Tony C.K. Wong


BArch (Dist) BA (AS)

AP (List 1)

Registered Architect

PRC Class 1 Registered Architect Qualification

Another Registered Inspector (RI)